The Killing of America

FBI looks as if they tried to do a coup to a duly elected President.

Dems promise investigation after investigation into President Trump now that they have the house.

Call to get rid of electoral college. Illegals caught voting in states that give illegals drivers licenses. 60% of US Citizens want voter id and protection but the Dems are against this. God help us.

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Government can only give what it takes from others first.

"The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples money." Maggie Thacher

"We shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty."... John F. Kennedy

Thou shalt not covet. Thou shalt not steal. Common to Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Not a part of Communism, Socialism or Liberals.

Sliding away from Democracy :
Is this one reason Obama was Re-Elected?

It has been 2 years since the inauguration of President Trump. The Left has contended that the Russians interferred with the election (none found) Unfit to be President (FBI wiretapped the President, nothing found) Connection with Saudi Arabia, questionable business dealings with the Russians (nothing found) calls for impeachment (nothing actionable). Every time the President tries to secure the border (which just a few years ago the Dems wanted) the Dems put up road block afer road block to his efforts. Remember that during the election year it appears that Hillary and the DNC paid for false information inorder to defame Trump and have him removed from office. Well it is not going to happen. The fix was in for Hillary however now documents from the FBI show they wanted Hillary and the Russian issue was a scam.

Trump Promises

Started: 5March2009
updated: Wednesday, February 20, 2019
The Dems do not want voter registration
The Dems have turned to be socalists.
ACO and the new Green power want to get rid of planes, billionares, rebuild every building in the US, everyone get free health care, everyone gets a government pay check wheather they work or not, everyone get a home, tax the upper income bracket by 70%. How are they going to pay for this. They think that Venezuela is a paradise even though it has imploded. There are now 20 Dems proclaming that they are going to run for President in 2020. Wow.

US debt clock hits $22,000,000,000,000
Feb 2019.

Food Stamps were to 48,000,000 under President Obamas Leadership. This is up 1,000,000 since Obama's election. Under President Trump it is at the lowest it has ever been, unemployemnt is the lowest in 30 years, more minorities are working under Trump, Hispanics, Blacks Asians. Check for yourself.
United States Debt Clock link

Trump was working on DACA, dems are blocking efforts because Trump still wants to build a barrier to stop the flow of illegals into the US. The cost of Illegals has be quoted at $70,000 per year per person to support them in the USA. Now California says it will give free health care to every. Problem, American citizent are not included or being ignored.

Economy is booming.

updated: Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Goal was to: Promote higher gas prices to further green energy. Look at Spain as a model. They are in crisis.

Oops, world oil on the drop due to increased oil production in the US private Sector. What will happen next?

President Obama is taking credit for this too even though it was all done in the private sector.

Obama's Marxist past!

People Connections


All Trump has to do is declassify all the documents and Hillary, Dnc and Fbi toast. This could be Trumps hole card.

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Wake Up America! Its not too late. Do not kill the worlds last great hope. We are the "good man" that opposes evil. God did Bless America.
Do not forget those who have fought for our freedom. Do not let liberty, our way of life die now!
Don't Give up the ship!!!
Homeland Security has released a report stating Right Wing Conservatives are a danger to the security of the United States. We the people are the United States you idiots!!!!!!! 14April09
Letter to DHS from congressman as follows: "As I am certain you agree, freedom of association and freedom of speech are guaranteed to all Americans -- whether a persons beliefs, whatever their political orientation, are 'extremist' or not," Mr. Thompson (Rep. Mississippi) said.

The report "blurred the line," and Mr. Thompson said he is "disappointed and surprised that the department would allow this report to be disseminated" to law enforcement officials nationwide.

Lenin and Stalin instructed their comrades to, immediately upon seizing control of a country's government, to seize all guns from the citizens before they realized what had happened to them. Are we on the same path? 
Marxist marvel?
Trump is Making America Great Again. Destroyed ISIS and brought N. Korea to the negociation table and met with Kim Jong Ill

Enemies at the gate that support Obama

(After 8 years in office, Obama is losing his friends. and the US in NOT any better. Time for a change)

  • M Qadhafi
  • Hugo Chavez
    • new world order
    • Says he will vote for Obama if he could.
    • Chavez dead 5 Mar 2013
  • Hesbalah
    • Celebrates election
  • George Soros
  • Saul Alinski
    • Rules for Radicals
    • Community Organizer
    • Obama is student.
  • Bill Ayers
    • Wrote Obama's Book Dreams from My Father
    • Strong Marxist beliefs anti
    • US
  • Fidel Castro
  • Rev Wright
    • God Damn America
  • Cass Sunstein
    • Defends communism, welfare state
    • Obama's Regulatory Czar
  • Karl Marx
  • Van Jones
    • Obamas Green Czar resigned. Devout Communist.
  • Vladimir Lenin
  • Black Panthers
  • Tim Gietner
    • Head of US Treas
    • Tax Cheat
  • Iran
    • Soft on Iran
  • Palestine
    • Obama feels Palestine deserves a homeland over Israel.
  • Terrorist groups
  • U.S. Threats
  • Nancy Pelosi
    • 500,000,000 Americans lose jobs each month
  • Harry Ried
    • War is Lost!
    • Romney a Liar
    • Romney a tax cheat
    • Refuses to bring House bills to the floor for a vote. He is the obstructionist. Blames Republicans
  • Dreams of my Father?Who was Obamas Father and what did he believe.
    • Anti Colonalist
    • Communist 
      • Frank Marshll Davis: Mentor
  • Obamas Islamic upbringing or the dreams of his Step-Father.

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They all wanted change like Obama.
"Where the chains of capitalism are forged, there they must be broken. Only that is socialism, and only thus can socialism be created. " Lenin/ BHO
Disarming the U.S.

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United States Debt Clock link

Trump has beaten the odds. He will make America Great Again.

American credit rating down graded twice since 2008.

Hope we Change before it is too late. XXX

Hard questions caught on video.

Sexual antics of Presidents

Media fails to give equal coverage to all inter race murders. More here.

What has happened to the Russian collusion alegation? Nothing there. Now the dems are attacking trump for using aledge viloent language inspite they are calling for violence against Republicans and Trump followers. Maxine Waters is one calling for harrassment

Election 2018: Dems take House, Repubs keep Senate. Nevada turns blue due to Las  Vegas and Reno. Sisolak is Gov. He is for taxes, major gun control and everything Nevadans are against. California influx has taked the state away from Nevada and turned it into California. Stay Tuned.

Sessions resigns. Republicans gain in Senate but lose House. The Dems have promised impeach 45 and investigations. We will see. 5.2 billion spent on election. 113 million voted. 33 flips 110 females elected.

Obama Rips Trump in Detroit. Past Presidents have not done this but Obama is above everyone else.

Migrant caravan members reject offer to stay in Mexico.

26 Oct 18: Crazy guy sends bombs to 13 anti Trump leaders. None of them detonated. Soros and Hillary received a package. Pretty strange story. Lets see where it leads More to follow.: Well they caught the guy. Now they are very quiet about it. I guess it does not fit the lefts agenda. It looks like the pipe bombs were now workable. The explosive could be flower.

27 Sept 2018: Confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh. His acusor is testifying infront of Senate. Fact: Feinstein with held her letter until time of vote. Accusor (Dr. Ford) is 100% sure Kavanaugh attacked her at a party of 5 people but can not tell where the house is located or how she got home. Acusor is a Phychologist an expert in Phychology. Said she did not want to go to the media but shopped it to the Times and Washington Post. Gave names of 4 others there and they were contacted and non remember any incident. She does not remember who paid for her polygraph. Stay tuned.Dems calling for Kavanaugh to step down. Dems are posting that this hearing is destroying Kavanaugh and Republicans saying just the opposite. Same play used against Justice Thomas.

Republicans are still being docile. They are allowing Dems to attack and not respond to the attacks. This is where President Trump is different. He goes right back at them and the Republicans think that is wrong. All of President Trump's supporters approve of this tactic.

21 Sept 2018: Seems to be the plan of the Dems to slow the process to the election and if they get a majority in House and Senate , impeach Trump or at least never approve of any of his selections for Supreem Court Pick and stall , stall, stall.

Kavanaugh hearing is being slowed by sexual allegations that Kavanaugh jumped on a 15yo girl 37 years ago at a party and the girl was drunk. Kavanuagh has been investigated 6 times by the FBI and why now doest this come up. He is a sitting federal judge approved by a 97 to 3 vote by the senate in the past. It seems to be a plot to stop POTUS from getting another conservative, constitution following justice. Stay tune.

6 Sept 2018: Two years into the Trump Presidency, still nothing with the FBI probe. No collusion. They keep trying to find tangent crimes and nothing working. Fake dossier, Spying on a political rival party by the Dems, Selling of Uranium to the Russians by the Dems, writting an exhonoration for Hillary months before any interview by the FBI, Operation Crossfire to make an election null and void and still Trump is gaining in support. Unemployment at all time low. Black american support at a all time high, economy hits 4.5 plus groth yet Dems call for impeach 45. Why because he is draining the swamp and is an outsider.

Possible game plan is for the Dems to stall until after the mid term election and they are hoping to get the majority in both houses of congress. If this happens, they will try to impeach Trump and never approve another supreem court justice. IF this happens, the court will be dead locked and lower court liberal judges can make rulings and if it goes to the Supreem Court, the ruling will stay because of the deadlock. God help us.

Dems demand more docs to review to examine Kavanaugh. Ginsburg confirmed after 45 days of nomination. It is has been over 60 days with Kavanaugh. Dems already say they will not support his appointment. Who well , in the words of their great Leader, Berry Sotoro sks, Barrack Hussain Obama, " elections have consequences."


2017: One year into the Trump Presidency, liberals are still trying to find someway to remove Trump from office. No conspriacy found, no sexual harrassment like Frankin or Conyers. Liberals keep saying Trump is mentally unstable to be President. They will keep digging.

Libs are still trying to Kill America. A year later Hillary is still trying to find someone to blame for her loss. Hillary was exposed in working with the DNC to nominate her the Dem candidate and Sanders just rolls over.

Iran is not harrassing American Ships in the Gulf . Maybe they are getting the message the Trump is not fooling around. 25 Jan 2018

Trump was right, Obama had Trump under surveillance with fake FISA report made up and paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton. How low did they go? Stay tuned! We will see. 23jan2018

Text messages inside the FBI indicate a secret society with a mission of removing Trump from the Presidency is he was elected. Operation Crossfire hurricane. With this information coming out, it show the true color of the deep state against Trump and for Hillary..

FBI had documents stating Hillary was exornated before she was even interviewed. When she did meet with the FBI it was not under oath, no recording and with low level agents. The fix was in.

Lets see. FBI did not plan to go after Hillary according to their internal memos. A member of Mullers special investigation into alledge Russian collusion has been dismissed to tweeting and posting anti Trump rhetoric. Not bias there. Numerious Senators and Congressmen including Al Franken have had sexual assualt and harrasment issues come to the light. Nothing on Trump. But they keep searching.

Double standards by Dems and Liberals on the sexual issues. Ok for Dems not for Republicans.

San Francisco has found the illegal alien that kill US Citizen Kate Steinle not guilty of anything. SF felt that his conviction would be a negative on sanctuary city and sanctuary state status of California. This guy was deported 5 time and a 6 time fellon in possesson of the firearm. WTF California

Time to get rid of sanctuary cities and follow the rules of law. A country is difined by its borders, language and culture. Make America Great Again.

April 2017: Bill O'Reilly out after decades on top. Sexual harrasment was the reason. What about Bill Clinton? No issue there.
19 April 2017: Maxine Waters calls for Trump to be impeached then denies she said anything like that. Film clips on CNN, MSNBC, Fox show different.
As of 19 April: no more talk about Trump in bed with Russians. It was shown that Obama had Trump Organization under surveillance by government agencies. Confirmed by Susan Rice.
19 April 2017: MSNBC analyst nominates Trump property for ISIS bombing. When did the righ news wing do this to Obama?
19 April 2017: Iran is harrassing the US Navy in the Gulf. What todo?
With all the finger pointing on how the Russians influenced the election in favor of Trump, there has not been one bit of evidence pointing toward this. However, direct links to the Obama administration that Trump and his team were under the surveillance of the federal government. Susan Rice ordered the releasing of American names that we under the scrutiny of the Obama Administration. This is against the law.
Supreme court news: It looks like the Nuke option maybe in play again. Funny how the Supreme Court nominee was approved unamiously by the Senate in the past but now there is a question by the Dems? More to follow.
Redistribution of wealth is similar to redistribution of Grade point average.

This is really HOPE and CHANGE!!!!!!

Obama Phones: They are for real!!!!!